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Covid-19 Updates


People react differently to COVID-19. They range from mild to severe. Older Adults and those with Severe underlying medical conditions are at greater risk of experiencing severe symptoms resulting in the need for hospitalization and even death.

Symptoms to monitor for:

The CDC continues to list more symptoms so to keep up to date visit their website.

If you have any of these symptoms, seek emergency medical attention or dial 911.

How to protect yourself:

How to properly wear your mask(Illustrations from the CDC Website)

Follow the CDC illustration below when removing your mask. Store it in a paper sack or sandwich bag if you are out in public eating or drinking. Put the mask back on as soon as you are done. Make sure you fold the “dirty side/outside of the mask when worn” in on itself when you take it off. Cloth masks need to be laundered after each use. Surgical masks should be disposed of after use. Do not re-use them.