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K&A Engineering Consulting Launches Technology Solutions Business and Acquires Firefly, AI Technology to Modernize the Utilities and Power Industry

(White Plains, NY) – K&A Engineering Consulting, a utilities consulting firm, today announced the creation of K&A Technology Solutions, a business focused on technology to transform the power industry. This new business will develop solutions using artificial intelligence and virtual reality to solve the most difficult challenges facing energy creation and distribution today: clean energy, grid security and scalability, and equitable global access to reliable power. K&A Technology Solutions flagship offering is the acquisition of Firefly, a technology offering that provides utility and power companies an integrated application for grid modernization that can manage and modify data in a single platform with turn-key delivery.

“We are excited to form this new venture and advance the development of technology that will change the way we look at the power grid and how it will evolve over the coming massive integration of renewable technologies,” said Jim Codling, Vice President of K&A Technology Solutions.

Firefly has two main use-cases. The first is automated design of a company’s overhead power distribution systems. The technology creates a virtual, 3D model of the company’s entire power grid and allows for management of all grid assets including power generation, transmission, and distribution. It can also model gas, hydroelectric, wind, and solar power applications. Additionally, Firefly enables a company to plan and track engineering, expansions, construction, reviews, maintenance, and work orders.  Firefly integrates with all business tools, such as SAP, saving time and increasing efficiency on any project being done.

The second use-case is for disaster recovery. After a storm event, Firefly sends a drone to take point cloud data that builds an image of any damage that was done in the storm. Using A.I. technology, Firefly allows for real time decisions to be made to fix a piece or parts of the system that is damaged.  In addition to the two use-cases, Firefly offers database synchronization and collaboration that speeds up typically slow and unreliable data connections and allows for multi-level team collaboration. Reporting and customized training is also available through Firefly, which can be customized to meet a client’s needs.  

“K&A is a client-centric company. We exist to bring value to our client and by offering Firefly we are able to do just that,” said Purna Kharel, President & CEO of K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C. “As our clients look to innovate faster and scale for growth, Firefly will help them to reach their power grid modernization goals and navigate this increasingly complex environment by understanding the bigger picture and improving efficiency.”

Firefly was created by Andrew Davis while he was deployed to Afghanistan as a defense contractor and working on the power systems there.  It was important to minimize time on the ground given the physical dangers involved with field work.  More broadly, due to the nature of budgets with taxpayer funding, it was also important to optimize the workflow as much as possible, to work more efficiently and produce more work output for less human hours input.  The idea behind going with a virtualized environment was to make the software more intuitive. While a lot more challenging to accomplish, it can make complex data a lot easier to understand and work with if it could be visualized and understood in the same way we interact with the physical world.  

“I am excited to join K&A because I find the leadership and culture refreshing,” said Andrew Davis, creator of Firefly. “After many years of searching for a home for Firefly, it was a breath of fresh air.  Compared to other organizations, particularly in the utilities space, K&A is a lot more diverse in its thinking.  It is a very nimble and forward-thinking organization, actively searching for creativity to reward and is not afraid to take risks.”

To learn more about K&A Engineering or to speak with Jim Codling about Firefly, contact Susan Bardack at susan@buzzmediacommunications.com or 518.867.7940. To read more about K&A Engineering, visit www.kapower.us.

About K&A Engineering Consulting:

K&A is a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise headquartered in Westchester County, NY providing engineering, planning studies and PMO services to the utilities industry. Since its inception in 2016, K&A has become one of the fastest growing A&E firms with nearly 200% AAGR (Average Annual Growth Rate). As a company founded by an immigrant, K&A remains committed to diversity, welcoming to immigrants and all minorities, and against any behaviors that promote discrimination.  K&A has more than 200 employees in its operations in the United States and Nepal. For media inquiries, please contact John Blowers at john.blowers@kapower.us or 518.469.7306. www.kapower.us.