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Staffed with engineering experts, K&A is an all-encompassing team of energetic doers and innovative dreamers. Our company has earned its quality reputation through challenging work and uncompromising precision. Persistently leading with a primary focus on delivering reliable services, K&A team members are passionate about understanding our client’s business needs and objectives. We are dedicated to continuous learning, adapting, and seeking progressive solutions to help our clients succeed.

We love what we do and are always looking for passionate employees to contribute to our communities and company as a whole. Join our talented team, who have the freedom to think creatively and lead essential projects that impact society. Click the button below or send us your cover letter and resume directly to TA@kapower.us to apply.

Why K&A?

I’ve worked for K&A a little over a year and I’m still absolutely amazed at the culture of our organization.  Our leadership team provides a combination of both servant and transformational leadership support. As a Program Manager with K&A I feel both supported and challenged to excel.
Becky Johnson
- Program Manager
I joined the K&A project control team in 2019 and I was so excited to start a new journey. This company is well organized with the professional staff from the upper management to the team members. Despite the professional and good atmosphere, there is always things to learn and chance to grow here at K&A. It really feels good when you see that the company is growing fast every day you are part of this family.
Arastoo Pourmoghadam
- Project Scheduler
I had just moved to Maine and did not have my home office set up just yet, the desk was to be delivered but was held up in shipping. My K&A team was asked to work from home on short notice when the pandemic started, and I was so unprepared.  I was so relieved when Human Resource called and checked with me to see if I needed anything to continue working from home as comfortably as I was working at the customer’s office. Although I was making do with the temporary it was such an amazing feeling to know my company cared how I was doing and wanted to alleviate any stress I may have had. This is just of experience and there are so many more that have me feeling this is such a wonderful company to work for.
Rosa Pleitez
- Analyst
Dreams really do come true at K&A! The growth opportunities are endless if you have the drive to pursue them!  I have been with K&A for 2 years now and I have so much to be thankful for! I’m achieving my life goals and enjoying every minute of it.   I work with an amazing team who inspires me to keep growing! Thank you, K&A for the support and empowering me to do my best!
Andrea Tiago
- Senior Candidate Relationship Specialist
In K&A, as an expert you have the opportunity to transfer your knowledge to others as well as learn from other experts and evolve. No matter at what position you are, you will receive consistent feedback and if you need help, you will be assisted.
Hiva Nasiri, PhD, SMIEEE
- Sr. Engineer – Transmission Planning & Strategies
K&A Engineering is the first utility stint of my career and I am glad I got to experience it. Company allows you to wear multiple hats, empowers you with freedom to make decisions and has a good mix of young and old workforce to team up with.  I have spent 2 years with the organization and have a lot to be thankful for. I work for a company that makes me proud, empowers me and gets me exalted to wake up and go to work.
Priyanka Pant
- Talent Acquisition/HR Specialist
…Another amazing thing about K&A is that from our most senior executives down to the rank-and-file team members, everyone is laser-focused on professional excellence both for our clients and for one another…
Jay Crucetti
- Project Accountant / Invoicing Specialist
What made this company different is what also made it special. From working remotely to finding projects, to even allowing me to pursue my dream of continuing my education and completing my certification to quality for Project Management positions…
Madelene Hellens
- Document Control Specialist


We are committed to finding and developing the best talent possible and we work hard every day to enhance our employees’ lives through their work.


leaders who place others above self and model decisiveness, flexibility, humility, and honesty.


We do great work for our clients and good work in our communities. We provide our time, talent, and treasure to organizations and efforts that matter to our employees.


We exist to bring value to our clients. Client deliverables are always our No. 1 priority. We are committed to delighting our clients with flawless delivery.


If you want the freedom to think creatively and the opportunity to help lead important projects that leave an impact on society, join our talented team.