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Full Suite of Configurable Engineering Services

K&A offers electric power delivery and energy engineering services, including project management
and construction management support services.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Services

K&A's distributed energy resources (DER) services support Utilities and Developers in bringing the on-site generation, storage, and delivery of power to customers not included in the bulk electric system (BES).  We have experience in grounding, voltage regulation, cluster studies, fault analysis, and protection and control for solar, wind, and battery storage projects.

With our headquarters in the Northeast U.S., we have seen large-scale solar distributed generation across this region and have been engaged in more than 400 DER interconnection studies. Typical impacts studies include load flow, voltage flicker, voltage regulation mode, short circuit current, protection review, effective ground, and harmonic evaluation. Upgrade cost estimation is provided with study results.

A. Smart Energy Solutions (SES)

Our smart energy services (SES)provide clients with superior quality service in solving your business and engineering challenges. Our SES team is committed to building digital, clean energy and resilience solutions for utility, government, and commercial customers.

K&A’s SES provides solutions to the following common issues for clients:

  • Increasing use of technology without realizing the expected results
  • Tools that are not compatible with each other, creating frustration and decreasing efficiency
  • Information overload with data gathered from countless sources
  • Lack of accurately following business process, leading to mistakes and confusion
  • Inability to measure success correctly

Our team understands customer concerns and provides resolutions in real time. Seasoned consultants and project managers are committed to delivering projects on-time and on-budget while providing long-term solutions. Our main focuses include planning, delivering, and improving.

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