“Big Firm Abilities, Small Firm Agility”

Full Suite of Configurable Engineering Services

K&A offers electric power delivery and energy engineering services, including project management
and construction management support services.

Project Management Office (PMO) Services

Our project management value proposition is centered around providing the right services for our clients through tailoring and agility. We assess the environment to identify opportunities to optimize existing resources and unanimously deliver positive outcomes.  

K&A’s PMO services execute “big firm abilities, small firm agility” by understanding the organization environment, tailoring services to provide positive outcomes, and ensuring we are in alignment with our client’s needs throughout the entire lifecycle.

We understand the importance of each objective, regardless of size or business environment, and our project management professionals provide experience and support at all business levels to meet our customer's goal. Our services include:

  • Enterprise PMO: Provides alignment of projects and programs to corporate strategy and reviews and approves enterprise-wide master projects, program, portfolio, and budget plans.
  • Division PMO: Provides tactical master planning and divisional projects, program, and portfolio management, and establishes and supports operational and budget plans at a division level.
  • Business Unit PMO: Operating within a single business unit providing and reportable to a division portfolio.
  • Project-specific: Offers project-related services as a temporary entity to support a specific project or program.
  • Project support organization: Initiates processes to support the management of an organization's projects, programs, or portfolios through required phases, and utilizes project controls to report progress and status to business unit managers.
  • PMO center of excellence: Supports project work by equipping the organization with standards and tools to better deliver projects.

Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO)Services

We have adopted the standards provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as our foundation for organizational, portfolio, program, and project management. Our team will support, develop, and implement PMO capabilities, including enterprise-wide governance, PMO best practices, mentoring and consulting, tools, and standardized processes to drive value to your organization.

K&A understands the importance of each objective, regardless of size or business environment. Our project management professionals provide experience and support at all business levels to meet our customer's goals.

Project Management Office (PMO) Center of Excellence Offering

We understand that organizations operate at various levels of PMO maturity. A PMO center of excellence can help an organization establish a framework to support the effective and consistent execution of projects and programs. Our services include:

  • Establish, document, and socialize project management standards across the organization.
  • Formalize tools, templates, and techniques used to establish consistent project and program deliverables.
  • PM staff development on project management competencies at all PMO maturity and complexity levels.
  • Incorporation of continuous improvement tools to ensure all projects and programs run efficiently.
  • Review of existing PMO applications to ensure all user requirements are met, and implementation of new applications required to properly manage a portfolio.
  • Advocate for the PMO best practices and create a shared understanding by supporting formalized communication processes.

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