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K&A Cares

Good Corporate Citizenship is part of our culture.

K&A Nepal offers material aid to the Mental Disability Rehabilitation Society

The Mental Disability Rehabilitation Society in Imadol, Nepal, currently cares for 11 autistic children, with much of their funding and resources coming from government donations. However, government help is often few and far between. Recognizing the country's inadequate mental health care structures, we at K&A Nepal made it our mission to assist them.

We talked to the resilient care workers taking care of the children, who informed us that there was a lack of food, school bags and toys. So, members of the staff went out and bought a variety of basic kitchen essentials like beans, cooking oil, a large bag of rice, lentils, salt, sugar, and some snacks. Later, we also added simple toys for them to play with, along with 11 backpacks for each little one.

On the 7th of November, 2022, employees as well as key members of the K&A Nepal office visited the center to meet the children and donate the items.

It seemed quite evident that the children were delighted to see so many new things in front of them. Some of them rushed to pick up the new playthings and give them a whirl. The backpacks were an obvious favorite. It was heartwarming a child hold his bag close, inspect it with much curiosity, and then deeply breathe in it's scent.

We recognize that our societal responsibility extends beyond the work we do. We belong to societies that often need our help and through our K&A cares initiative, we hope to give back as much as we can to those in need.