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Good Corporate Citizenship is part of our culture.

K&A volunteers for Bangor Humane Society

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A business that has just moved into Bangor has already begun giving back to the community.

K&A is an engineering and consulting firm that welcomed in several community members to their ribbon cutting ceremony at their new location on State Street in Bangor and will be working with Versant Power.

“Our goals as a company is really to deepen our relationships. So this helps us deepen our relationship with our clients, our employees that are that are living in Maine. Living the Maine way of life and also our community partners,” Robert Russ, the Vice President of Projects & Services stated.

During the celebration they gifted the Bangor Humane Society a $1,000 check and an afternoon of volunteerism.

For K&A caring for animals is part of their core values.

“Pets are like our family, right? We’re, you know, our employees we’re passionate about that. We are also very passionate about that, and then to be kind of aligned with our K&A cares vision and goal of really supporting the community and really making difference right?” Said Purna Kharel, the President & CEO of K&A.

The Humane Society says that getting these donations helps animals like Maddie. A nine year old dog with the energy of a puppy.

“You know, it helps dogs like Maddie to be able to get up here to get all the proper medical that they need and various things, you know bedding, things like that and food. It’s helping immensely with all of our animals care here, so we appreciate it. So, so much,” said Chelsea Brown of the Bangor Humane Society.

Learn more: https://www.wabi.tv/video/2022/04/05/ka-volunteers-bangor-humane-society/?traffic_source=Connatix