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K&A Cleans Up!

At K&A, we believe in giving back to the communities we live in. We encourage our employees to make the most of allotted community PTO hours and they have! Our employees have found creative ways to serve their community and make a positive impact.

One of the ways our employees have done this is by cleaning up parks, neighborhoods, and conservation areas.  This not only helps to improve the cleanliness and appearance of these spaces, but it also helps to protect local wildlife and prevent pollution.

For example, Robert Goodwin, a Senior Civil and Structural Designer, also spent his community PTO hours cleaning up his neighborhood. He was concerned about the impact of waste on drainage and local wildlife, so he equipped himself with a trash bag and litter picker to collect debris and trash.

The Distribution Design team from our Nepal office visited Dahachowk, a park a few miles east of Kathmandu, to clean up the area. The park is a popular picnic spot and, as a result, often sees litter. The team collected six bags of trash and offered the park management four trash cans. They also encouraged schoolchildren and their teachers, who were on their own picnic, to clean up before leaving.

Our employees have also made a difference at Shivpuri National Park, a conservation area and popular hiking destination in Kathmandu. Despite being protected by the Nepal army, littering remains a problem at the park so 11 employees from K&A Nepal's substation design team hiked the strenuous seven-hour Bagh-dwar trail with the goal of cleaning up and collecting waste. After getting lost for a couple of hours, they ultimately made it to the top, had lunch, and then began their walk back down, wearing safety gloves and large trash bags. They collected seven bags of trash and handed it over to the authorities, who were grateful for their efforts.

We love the fact that our employees are proactively dedicated to making a positive impact in their community and the environment. Whether it's through community PTO hours or individual efforts, we are proud of their commitment and dedication to improving the world around us.