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K&A Day: A Celebration of Our People

K&A Day: A Celebration of Our People

We care about our employees. We don’t call it the “K&A family” for marketing, branding or recruiting purposes. Our business philosophy is simple: We treat our employees well so they will do extraordinary things for our clients. And our clients will reward us with continued business.

An example of this is K&A Day, a celebration of the anniversary of K&A’s inception. The day is commemorated on October 21 and features two key elements: celebrating the achievements of K&A employees and giving back to the local communities in which we do business. This year’s event is extremely special as it marks K&A's 5th anniversary.

Celebrating Achievements

First, there is honoring our workforce – the K&A family – with meaningful gifts to show our appreciation. This year’s theme of K&A Day is “Dream Big. We Make it Possible.” (Just like our new branding and commercial commitment. Read more on that further down!) And, with the new branding, we gifted all employees with swag with our new logo and branding on it – from notebooks to t-shirts and sweatshirts. We’re so excited to see employees sporting our new logo!

We celebrate K&A Day as a family. There is a global all-hands meeting of the workforce where each team shares highlights from the year and how they are celebrating K&A Day. After this, each team has a company-sponsored event – like a group meal – for team building.

Community Service

Next is celebrating our communities. K&A provides up to eight hours of community PTO for employees every year and encourage them to use it on K&A Day (or another other day that suits them) to make a difference where we live and work. This takes on many forms as we encourage employees to “think globally, act locally.” The initiative is supported by K&A Cares, which is K&A’s everyday commitment to helping its local communities and citizens through corporate and employee volunteerism. In addition, K&A Cares matches 50% of all employee “spot awards” by donating to a charity of the employee’s choice.  During 2021, K&A Cares has donated more than $30,000 to various charities in the U.S. and Nepal.

Employees from White Plains, NY, got together ahead of K&A Day to have an event for Feeding Westchester and donated $3,912.80, including $1,412.80 contributed by K&A employees. Another office – in South Portland, Maine – hosted a Chamber of Commerce event and donated $500 to the South Portland Food Pantry. And the Orange, CT, office is currently collecting food items to donate to the local food pantry in addition to a $500 donation. Additionally, a representative from Junior Achievement will be joining the K&A Day all-hands call and will receive a $1,000 donation for the cause.

This year, our Nepal team plans to support SPCA Nepal by feeding 100 dogs and 70 cows for 2 days in the month of November. SPCA Nepal was established in 1992 with a goal towards making a better future for the animals in Nepal. It is a group of animal lovers working for animal welfare, street animal birth control rescue, animal rights advocacy, animal sanctuary organization and sheltering. It is working hard to take care of street animals, rescuing dogs, cats, and cows, doing 1000+ spaying and neutering and above all help feeding tons of animals in streets who are hungry during COVID-19 Pandemic. This really touched our heart to see small group of animal lovers working so hard to take care of animals in best way possible.

Unveiling New Branding

K&A is the fastest-growing engineering firm in its space in the States, with 3-year growth of 3,166%. We were recently named one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, ranked No. 126 on the list of 5000 companies. This is what enables us to fulfill our goal of doing exceptional work for our clients while helping the communities in which we operate.

It’s also the catalyst for a complete rebrand of K&A and the unveiling on K&A Day this year. We are so excited for an upgraded logo that better suits our consultative nature. And for making our new tagline “Dream Big. We Make it Possible” official. While we’ve always operated in this way since inception by encouraging our employees, clients and partners to reach for the stars – and we’ll help them get there – it now is front and center in our operations. Our new website will be launched on K&A Day as well, and we couldn’t be prouder to better reflect the impact our company has made on the industry and the clients we serve.