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K&A Day: Celebrating 6 years

For the past 6 years, we have celebrated K&A Day to celebrate and recognize the achievements of the company and more importantly, of our employees. Every year, the day serves as a reminder of our employees' immense work and dedication to keeping our company growing and clients satisfied.  

 On our sixth anniversary, we reflect on all our accomplishments and goals that revolve around the core values that K&A was founded on: client centricity, employees first, servant leadership, and K&A cares. We look back at the year and highlight the amazing achievements of our employees as well as all the contributions that they have made to communities that they work in.  

 Hence, every year, we use the day to have team building events that help employees from different departments get to know each other, along with plenty of food to keep their tummies full! We also use the morning for a global all-hands meeting of the entire workforce where each team highlights their major achievements of the year, updates on projects, and offers special recognition to employees that have displayed excellence.  

On this day, we even encourage everyone to take their allotted community paid time off (PTO) so that they can contribute their time to charities and other activities that benefit their communities

Community Service

As a part of our community service component, K&A cares, we provide all employees up to eight hours of community PTO to encourage them to volunteer and give back to the communities where they live and work. During 2022, K&A Cares donated to various charities in the U.S. and Nepal. These funds were successful in helping various communities- from a remote village in Nepal to underprivileged children in Portland.  

This year, our K&A Nepal office collaborated with the Australian Himalayan Foundation and Action for Nepal to fund and install ten solar panels with a total capacity of 7 Kilowatt for a vital health center located in Waku, a small settlement in the eastern district of Solukhombu in Nepal.  

Although the health care center in Waku is perfectly functional, the region still faces problems with reliable electricity due to geographic barriers and lack of development. This was a major problem as the center is also a key birth center for the women living in and around Waku. This not only meant that children were being born in the darkness of night, but also meant that the safety during the procedure was severely compromised.  

Thanks to the work by Action for Nepal and the funding put together by the Australian Himalayan Foundation and K&A, the new solar panels have now made sure that the center is able to function throughout the night without any interruptions to its electricity.  Brave but tired mothers along with their little ones now have a better chance at life.

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The second donation of 7,00,000 Nepali rupees (approx. $5300) to Samata Shiksha Niketan School helped the education institution with the construction of their school building in Lalitpur, Nepal. The school is a unique institution as it offers a high-quality education to children for about $1 per month and has over 80+ branches all over Nepal, India, and Myanmar.

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Considering the plight of the many children living in homeless shelters in and around Portland, our K&A Maine DG team, reached out to the Augusta Homeless Shelter in Portland and found out that there were 10 children living in the shelter who lacked proper backpacks and school supplies. Collaborating with the DLI program, 10 backpacks were purchased along with supplies such as pens, crayons, binders, highlights and notebooks, that the curious children would require for their classes. We thank Melissa, Doris. Michelle Sucy, and Jessica Sucy for making this wonderful contribution possible and setting aside time and effort to give back to their communities.

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SECOR Cares, a large food bank in Denver, feeds over a thousand poverty-stricken families each month. Knowing that the organization is always grateful for any extra hands, our CEO Purna Kharel, Senior Director of Engineering Ryan Ault, and both their families, spent their weekend helping in the warehouse, portioning huge bags of rice and beans into more manageable portions.

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