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K&A Honored with the 2023 Supplier Excellence Award by PSEG Long Island

PSEG Long Island recently awarded K&A the prestigious 2023 Supplier MBE Supplier Excellence Award. This marks a significant milestone for us as it is the first time we have received this honor. The award is a testament to the exceptional quality of work and the unparalleled value we offer our clients. It also highlights our unwavering commitment to our core value of client-centricity.

K&A's Commitment to Excellence

At K&A, excellence is not just a goal but a standard. This award from PSEG Long Island underscores the high-quality work that K&A consistently delivers. Whether through innovative solutions, timely project completions, or superior service, we always aim to exceed client expectations. The recognition from PSEG Long Island validates the efforts of the entire K&A team and the dedication to maintaining high standards in every project. 

Core Value: Client-Centricity

Central to K&A's operations is the core value of client-centricity - a principle that guides our work and prioritizes clients' needs and preferences. Our client relationship with PSEG Long Island since 2019 reflects this commitment, and the award we received is a testament to the quality of work and value we've offered over the years. This recognition is more than just a prize for K&A; it's a validation of our client-centric approach and a motivation to exceed expectations through tailored services.