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K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C. Opens Bangor Office in Maine


K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C. Opens Bangor Office in Maine


Tuesday, April 5, 2022


6 State Street, Suite 402
Bangor, Maine  04401


Purna Kharel, CEO & President of K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C.
Robert Russ, Vice President of Projects & Services at K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C.
Alejandro Mouledous, Account Manager - Program Manager at K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C.

(Bangor, ME) – K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C. is hosting a press conference and ribbon cutting with the Bangor Chamber of Commerce on April 5, 2022, at 10:00am at its new office to unveil its plans to support Versant Power in their efforts to strengthen and upgrade their grid by building predictability models that could bring benefit in customer reliability in the service provided by Versant Power. In addition, K&A will continue supporting Versant with staffing and various aspects of their Distributed Generation Program, with a forecast to originate more than 500 MW of energy within the Versant Territory of Operations.

As part of K&A’s corporate social responsibility initiative, K&A Cares, the company is a Kennel Sponsor for the Bangor Humane Society and will be donating more than $2,500 in cash and supplies to the organization. K&A employees will also be volunteering at the facility in the afternoon. As one of K&A’s core values, K&A Cares is the company’s commitment to bettering each of the communities where they are located, and the Bangor Humane Society donation will be just the beginning.

To RSVP to the event, please contact Susan Bardack at susan@buzzmediasolutions.com. To learn more about K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C., visit www.kapower.us.

About K&A Engineering Consulting:

K&A is a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise headquartered in Westchester County, NY providing engineering, planning studies and PMO services to the utilities industry. Since its inception in 2016, K&A has become one of the fastest growing A&E firms with nearly 200% AAGR (Average Annual Growth Rate). As a company founded by an immigrant, K&A remains committed to diversity, welcoming to immigrants and all minorities, and against any behaviors that promote discrimination.  K&A has more than 300 employees in its operations in the United States and Nepal. www.kapower.us.