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K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C. Opens St. Louis Office in Missouri

(St. Louis, MO) – K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C. hosted a press conference and ribbon cutting at its new office to unveil its plans to support Ameren Missouri in their Smart Energy Plan projects. The Smart Energy Plan includes thousands of electric projects like upgraded power lines, stronger utility poles, plus new and upgraded substations. This plan increases energy reliability for all Ameren Missouri customers and increases the resiliency of the electric grid. In addition, K&A will continue supporting Ameren Missouri with staffing and various aspects of their Smart Energy Plan, including engineering and renewable support.

“I am excited about this new venture and for the opportunity to help the state of Missouri move toward a cleaner, more reliable, and resilient future with smart energy that will benefit Missouri families, businesses, and communities,” said Purna Kharel, K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C.’s CEO. “We look forward to working with Ameren Missouri to accomplish these goals while bringing many new jobs to the state.”

"The Smart Energy Plan is creating economic development alongside reliable energy for tomorrow," said Patrick Smith, vice president of economic, community and business development at Ameren Missouri. "We are proud to celebrate K&A Engineering today for their new office. This space will help them to collaborate and design plans for even more reliable and renewable energy."

Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan aims to reduce outages and respond faster when they do occur but investing in smart technologies, stronger poles, and upgraded power lines. To date, the company has upgraded 115 power line miles, 777 smart switches, 41 new or upgraded substations, and 463,000 smart meters. Additionally, Ameren Missouri is utilizing solar and wind power to help reduce dependency on fossil fuels that contribute directly to climate change.

“Our work with Ameren Missouri will not only help Missouri to provide more reliable and resilient energy sources, but help aid in economic development by creating more than 40 jobs within 12-18 months of our office opening,” said Shane Mike, account director for Ameren Accounts, K&A Engineering Consulting, P.C. “In addition, by helping with the Smart Energy Plan, K&A will continue the trend of companies expanding and jobs staying in Missouri through these projects.”

As part of K&A’s corporate social responsibility initiative, K&A Cares, the company is will be donating $1,000 to Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis. This is in addition to being one of the sponsors for JA’s Play4JA event in March of this year. As one of K&A’s core values, K&A Cares is the company’s commitment to bettering each of the communities where they are located, and the Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis donation is just the beginning for the St. Louis community.

To learn more about K&A Engineering or to speak with Purna Kharel, contact Susan Bardack at susan@buzzmediacommunications.com or 518.867.7940. To read more about K&A Engineering, visit www.kapower.us.


About K&A Engineering Consulting:

K&A is a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise headquartered in Westchester County, NY providing engineering, planning studies and PMO services to the utilities industry. Since its inception in 2016, K&A has become one of the fastest growing A&E firms with nearly 200% AAGR (Average Annual Growth Rate). As a company founded by an immigrant, K&A remains committed to diversity, welcoming to immigrants and all minorities, and against any behaviors that promote discrimination.  K&A has more than 350 employees in its operations in the United States, Canada, and Nepal. For media inquiries, please contact Holly Bush at holly.bush@kapower.us or 214-244-0975. www.kapower.us.