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Project Controls

Project Clients:
Confidential Client
St. Louis, MO

Project Summary: The client’s $5.3B Smart Energy Plan projects include more than 2,000 electric projects, wind generation, upgrading 10.5 miles of power lines, installing 200 new utility poles, building new state-of-the-art substations, and upgrading existing substations. A sample of the projects include:

The client plans to implement the Smart Energy Plan over the next 5-7 years by utilizing key management structures and tools, including:

K&A Scope: K&A is providing our client with three project controls (PC) specialist on a full-time basis to support the substation, underground and overhead teams on the Smart Energy Plan projects. The PC specialists work alongside the client’s PC team in the St. Louis, MO, office to provide both the weekly PC schedule support, as well as the bi-weekly schedule health reports, mentoring, and client’s PC team development support.

K&A also is providing Project Manager support for the substation, heavy underground, distribution overhead, PLTE and Solar programs along with material requisition support staff.

K&A has just been awarded their first substation design project for this client.