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Substation Public Outreach

Substation Public Outreach

Confidential Client
Scarborough, ME

Project Summary: Our client is undertaking a multi-year effort to upgrade or replace 10 distribution substations that have aged and/or have condition or capacity issues.

A new distribution substation was built to replace an existing substation. Like the existing substation, it will connect to the same circuits. The existing electric distribution substation was nearing its capacity to support the associated 34.5kV transmission line’s load with its breakers, and many of its components are supported by wood foundations or poles that require maintenance. Additionally, its yard is too small to accommodate the construction and installation of new substation equipment that’s required for modern day operation, as well as meet the company and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) standards.

The modernized substation is outfitted with new infrastructure that includes a 22.24MV transformer on a concrete foundation, oil containment system, and site lighting. Upgraded substation operations technology was installed in a new, control house, and enhanced remote substation monitoring capabilities connecting to the client’s control hub.

K&A Scope: K&A’s public outreach team viewed this project through the lens of the municipality, businesses, schools, and residents. Outreach researched and learned about the area to try to prepare and resolve any outward issues that may have impacted this project. These activities helped keep the project on time and within budget by not allowing delays due to public outcry or municipal concerns.

The project manager turned to K&A’s public outreach as the project faced exposer issues, abutter concerns, and municipal land-use changes. They needed to reassure the public this project is needed and share how it was going to impact them.

Outreach services led public meetings and provided a toll-free phone number and outreach email to access more detailed and personalized information. Examples of outreach collateral included fact sheets, project information cards, project postcards, door hangers, signage, municipal and abutter construction mailers, FAQs, and renderings.