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Sensor Deployment Program

Sensor Deployment Program

Confidential Client
New York State

Project Summary: The Sensor Deployment Project, part of our Client's Smart Generation & Transmission Strategic Initiative, will incorporate new technologies to perform on-line monitoring of power plants, substations, and power lines to increase efficiency and productivity and improve the resiliency of New York's statewide public power network. Our Client will install sensors on equipment throughout its statewide network of 16 power plants and 1,400 miles of transmission lines, including on such equipment as transformers, reactors, turbines, generators, breakers, battery banks, cables, and capacitors. The sensor system will feed information such as temperature, power loads, vibrations, pressure, emissions, and moisture into our Client's Integrated Smart Operations Center (iSOC) hub in near real-time.

Our Client already has sensors feeding approximately 26,000 points of data to the iSOC from across its power system. With the addition of 50,000 sensors installed through this robust, new sensor deployment program, our Client aims to have a total of 75,000 points of data feeding into the iSOC by the conclusion of this program.

The Sensor Deployment Program will be completed in two phases:

Phase I: Design, install, and establish a network connection for existing sensors. Test, commission, and ensure that all data from the existing sensors is adequately transmitted to the iSOC.

Phase II: Design, procure, and install new sensors on identified assets. Establish a network connection for the new sensors. Test, commission, and ensure that all new sensors' data is transmitted correctly to the iSOC.

K&A Scope: The K&A team has been providing Program Management, Project Engineering, and Project Controls support for this project. Following is the list of tasks that the K&A team is responsible for:

  1. Prepare scope of services for Phase I Engineering.
  2. Provide procurement support for Phases I and II.
  3. Leading the preparation of scope of services for Phase II work.
  4. Prepare resource and cost loaded P6 schedule for the entire program.
  5. Helped prepare yearly program budgets and monitor cash flow.
  6. Work with Client stakeholders to prepare execution strategies for expediting the completion of the project.
  7. Working with the Client's Project Management, Strategic Operations, and Procurement on preparing procurement strategies.
  8. Working with the Client's Project Management and Strategic Operations about resource needs for the program and deploy resources as needed.